Research Topics

The major topics currently under investigation in our laboratory are


Research Tools

We use the following tools for our laboratory work:

  • modern molecular cloning methods (BioBrick assembly, Gibson & Aqua Cloning, CRISPR interference)
  • basic microbiology (culturing and propagation of cyanobacterial strains)
  • report-gene activity measurements (fluorescent and luminescent reporter assays)
  • resolving DNA topoisomers (CAGE (chloroquine agarose gel electrophoresis))
  • RNA analysis (purification, hybridization, Norther Blot, quantitative RT-PCR, RNA-Seq, in-line probing)
  • RNA interaction with RNA, proteins, ligands
  • recombinant protein expression in E. coli and cyanobacteria
  • protein purification and characterization (interaction studies, Western Blot, activity assays)
  • continuous culturing of relevant strains in photobioreactors
  • metabolic engineering of cyanobacteria
  • phenotypic analysis of cyanobacterial mutants

We use the following tools for our computational work:

  • In silico cloning with SnapGene
  • Data analyses with Python 3 and Jupyter Notebook/Lab
  • Data analyses with R and RStudio
  • Sequence alignments with BLAST and CLUSTAL Omega
  • Flux Balance Analysis with COBRApy
  • Containerization with Docker
  • In silico evolution experiments with Avida


Head of Institute

Prof. Dr. Ilka Maria Axmann

Universitätsstr. 1
Building: 22.07
Floor/Room: 00.047
Phone +49 211 81-10361


Mara Schuff

Universitätsstr. 1
Building: 22.07
Floor/Room: 00.031
Phone +49 211 81-12923
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