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School projects in cooperation with ZdI


Motivating young people to become interested in STEM subjects that are science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and promoting talented school kids is one of our heart projects. We are partner of ZdI – Zukunft durch Innovation - organizing two-day microbiology courses at schools in Düsseldorf. The introduction to microbiology is a very important part of our teaching segment at the HHU. Since June 2018 we are working together with the ZdI to educate children all over Düsseldorf in microbiology. The goal of this collaboration is to show school children with experiments and a supporting lecture how much microorganisms are integrated in their everyday live and display how easy it can be to work with bacteria.
Since 2020 Anna Germann is employed as a coordinator for these school courses and Kai Hochheimer acts as her deputy. Currently new projects are being designed and we are always looking for new ideas as well as motivated people to work with us.

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