Welcome to the Institute of Synthetic Microbiology

The Institute for Synthetic Microbiology researches molecular regulatory processes in microorganisms influenced by internal factors like small RNA molecules, the circadian clock, and supercoiling of DNA. Learning from the plethora of regulatory mechanisms, we design and test e.g. synthetic RNA switches, heterologous metabolic pathways, and biosensors. By implementing these parts and devices into microorganisms, we are aiming at a smart, automated, and dynamic control of signaling and metabolic pathways. Particular focus is placed on the engineering of Cyanobacteria as future hosts for a sustainable biotechnology.


15.06.2018 Press Conference by AGRIVIZION

Rudolf Cordes (undefinedNovaGreen) and Ilka Maria Axmann (Institute of Synthetic Microbiology) are talking about microalgae as renewable resources for phytopharmaceuticals. Read more about the press conference undefinedhere.

14.06.2018 Guest | Andreas Angermayr

Today we invited Andreas Angermayr (undefinedInstitute for Biological Physics, University of Cologne) to give a talk and present his latest research findings in the Theory Seminar Series. He is giving an overview about the sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics and how a growth-mediated negative feedback loop lowers this sensitivity.

23. - 24.05.2018 iGRAD Plant Symposium

The next two days will be full of interesting talks and discussing during the last iGRAD Plant symposium. We are welcoming several professors from Michigan State University here at Heinrich Heine University. We are especially glad that Danny Ducat will be here once again to talk about our new projects in the hopefully joint graduate school NEXTplant - network, exchange, and training program to understand plant resource allocation.

22.05.2018 New Lab Member | Tom Rohr

Just a week after Trevor and Michelle, Tom Rohr is joining our lab for his master thesis. He will be working on one of our biggest current lab project unraveling the mystery behind supercoiling.

15.05.2018 New Lab Member | Trevor Powell and Michelle Schulz

Continuing our efforts to also train students from abroad and those that we will go abroad as part of the BiologyPLUS International program, we are happy to welcome Trevor Powell and Michelle Schulz to our lab for a summer lab rotation. Trevor is joining us from Michigan State University and Michelle will go to Michigan State University for a year.

20.04.2018 iGEM Team | Co-culturing of three organisms - Trinity

Today, we got the great news that our this year's iGEM team was officially accepted to participate in the iGEM competition 2018. The team will be supervised among others by our three PhD students Anna, Max, and Nic as well as Ilka as the 1. PI. This year's team is dealing with the interesting challenge of stably co-culturing three organisms. To do so they planned three different projects to tackle this issues from different angles. For more informations follow their twitter account @iGEM_HHU.

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