Welcome to the Institute of Synthetic Microbiology

The Institute for Synthetic Microbiology researches molecular regulatory processes in microorganisms influenced by internal factors like small RNA molecules or the circadian clock. The plethora of regulatory mechanisms mediated by RNA, we can use for designing novel RNA regulators and RNA-based metabolite-sensors. By implementing these synthetic RNAs into microorganisms, we are aiming at a smart, automated and dynamic control of signaling and metabolic pathways. Particular focus is placed on the engineering of cyanobacteria as a future host for sustainable biotechnology.


15.-16.05.2017 Lab Visit | Danny Ducat

Danny Ducat from MSU visited out lab and gave a thrilling talk on 'Building and Enhancing Multispedies Microbial Consortia Driven by Light'. 

02.05.2017 New lab members | Monika, Rebecca, Maja, Marco, and Salima

We are happy to welcome a new round of highly motivated bachelor students in our lab.

28.03.2017 Graduation | Maximilian Dietsch

Max submitted his master thesis 'Biosynthesis of plant triterpenes in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803'. We are particularly happy that he will stay in our lab for his PhD.

24.03.2017 Graduation | Kai Hochheimer

Kai submitted his bachelor thesis 'Growth-phase dependent DNA supercoiling and gene expression from plasmid expression vectors in Escherichia coli'. We will continue his work as a student assistant in our lab.

22.03.2017 Young Researcher Day at Synthetic Microbiology

Today we hosted group of young researchers from a local kindergarten and showed them the beauty of microbiology and its application in todays life.

17.03.2017 RiboNets workshop: RNA tools towards future applications

The workshop on RNA design organized by the RiboNets consortium will be held from June 14-17 2017 in Düsseldorf. For more information please visit the undefinedworkshop website or contact undefinedIlka Axmann.

05.01.2017 Research stay for Nic at MSU

Tomorrow Nic will be working in undefinedCharles Ofria's lab at undefinedMichigan State University for six weeks to work on the evolution of circadian clocks.

02.01.2017 New lab member | Anna Germann

We are happy that Anna is returning for her Master thesis. She will continue her work on the mathematical model of triterpene production in cyanobacteria.

13.12.2016 protocols.io hackathon

Next week (19.-20.12.) we are organizing a two day undefinedhackathon to digitize our lab protocols
and test the open access platform undefinedprotocols.io.

02.12.2016 Wikimedia Blog Article about Nic's new project

An article about the new project of our PhD student Nicolas Schmelling was published on the Wikimedia Blog. Enjoy the undefinedread.

1.12.2016 Graduation | Anna Behle

Anna submitted her master thesis 'Design and characterization of a versatile molecular toolbox for synthetic biology in cyanobacteria'. We are particularly happy that she will stay in our lab for her PhD.

07.11.2016 New lab member | Lutz Berwanger

We are happy to welcome Lutz Berwanger as a new master student to our lab. He will be working on a 6S RNA related topic during his master thesis.

18.10.2016 Graduation | Jennifer Andres

Jennifer submitted her master thesis 'Investigations of Kai proteins in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803'. She will now join the lab of Prof. Zurbriggen for her PhD.

18.08.2016 Nic receives Wikimedia fellowship "Freies Wissen"

Another great news: Nic received a six month fellowship from Wikimedia and Stifterverband. He will investigate the evolution of circadian clocks.

27.06.2016 Anika receives EMBO fellowship

Anika was awarded an EMBO short-term fellowship to study about 'Towards understanding more complex cyanobacterias circadian clocks - biochemical characterization of a non-standard KaiC protein'. She will be visit the Laboratory of Biomolecular Network of Prof. Kazuki Terauchi at Ritsumeikan University in Kusatsu Shiga, Japan from 25.08. - 22.11.2016.

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